Product Care

Bracelet Resizing Instructions

Note: any damages caused by bracelet resizing is not warranted by Earth Wood Goods. As such, professional adjustment of the bracelet is recommended.

If resizing is attempted, use finesse and care to avoid damaging the links and to avoid potential injury due to slippage. Apply pressure with pin punches in a steady and controlled fashion, while supporting the opposing side of the link. DO NOT use tapered pin punches, use straight shaft punches only. DO NOT use a mallet to drive or set link pins, use hand pressure only.

Friction Pin and Pin / Collar Types

  1. Support the bracelet using a bracelet holder, or in your hand with a folded cloth between your hand and the bracelet.
  2. Using controlled pressure, push the link pin in the appropriate direction, as indicated in figures A and B.
  3. When the pin protrudes from the opposite side of the link, pull the pin out, using pliers if necessary.
  4. Use the same method to remove the pin from the next link, to remove one full link.
  5. When the desired amount of links have been removed, reinstall one of the link pins to reassemble the bracelet:
    • Friction type: starting with the smooth end of the link pin, push the pin in until the knurled end is seated within the link, using pliers or a punch as necessary.
    • Pin / collar type: use two punches, or similar type tools, to press inward on the pin and collar from opposing sides, until the collar mates securely with the pin.
Figure A. Friction Pin Type - Watch orientation / direction of pin removal
Friction Pin Type - Watch orientation of pin removal

Screw Type

  1. Use an appropriately sized screwdriver on each end of the link pin to loosen and remove the screw. Rotate counterclockwise.
  2. Once the screw is removed, remove the pin from the link using a punch or similar type tool to push the pin out.
  3. Use the same method to remove the screw and pin from the next link, to remove one full link.
  4. When the desired amount of links have been removed, reinstall one of the link pins to reassemble the bracelet:
    • Installation of the pin / screw is reverse of removal.
    • Tighten screws until sufficiently secure, without overtightening.
    • The use of a thread locking compound and / or checking the tightness of the screws periodically is recommended.
Figure B. Pin / Collar Type - Push from collar side to pin side.
Collar Type - Push from collar side to pin side

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Watch Instructions

Cork Product Care

Earth Natural Cork briefcase Earth Natural Cork briefcase
Cleaning cork material

Cork fabric is naturally water-resistant. Use a soft wash cloth and warm water and just wipe it down. For stubborn stains add a few drops of moisture free dish detergent. Rinse gently then air dry the bag.

Is cork material durable?

Cork is a natural and organic. It is soft to the touch, light yet durable, fire resistant and waterproof. Cork material, as with leather, will get softer with wear.

Will my EARTH bag look exactly like the photo on the website?

Each cork fabric bag is unique. The designs will be exact however the pattern of cork will differ as no two are exactly the same. These subtle differences make each bag unique.

How about the inside of the EARTH bag?

Each bag is lined with fabric and has interior pockets. Depending on the model/type there are interior compartments. EARTH bags are very well constructed on the outside as well as the inside.

Lens Technical Information

Only high quality sunglasses offer a multi-layered polarized lens. All EARTH sunglasses are polarized using the Cellulose Triacetate Polarization process (TAC). The multi-layer composite meets the requirements of the international standard along with the sunglass lens UV 400 standard. As a result, these sunglasses fully protect your eyes. 

TAC layer the cellulose triacetate polarization process

The first polarizing layer is the core of the lens. If lenses contain 99% of the polarizing effect, the absorption of glare is at a maximum level. The second and third layers are stronger as they resist bending and a fairly high degree of impact. The fourth and fifth layers are the main UV absorbing layers; 99% of the UV radiation is absorbed. The further layers provide shock-resistant protection as the layers increasein strength. The scratch resistant feature also increases the life of the lens. TAC polarized sunglasses are very effective in strong, reflective and stray light. Light rays run parallel through the lenses. Glare from water, pavement and snow are of no concern making the landscape appear clear and soft.

EARTH sunglasses are distortion free. The lenses are ultra-light, adding more comfort besides the high degree of stability and protection they offer. EARTH sunglasses are superior for fishing, boating, driving or other glare-intensive activity besides all around use.

TAC lenses