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Earth Cork Travel Bags Braga Ck2002

  • Material outer cover 100% natural cork. It is hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. It is soft to the touch, yet withstands rugged use.
  • Custom zippered shoe pocket with nylon interior on side that prevents shoes to touch other items in bag
  • One zippered pocket on front side 8” width and 10” high
  • One zippered pocket on front side 4” width and 10” high
  • One folder file on back side 10” zipper
  • Shoulder strap
  • 2 pockets on side can be used for bottled water or mobile telephone
  • Dual pocket top with zipper closures with nylon interior
  • Steel studs on bottom to protect the bag
  • 16” high when filled. 20” bottom length. 10 inch bottom width
  • 6” handle

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